Welcome to Dawn’s Creative Crafts blog

Hello! My name is Dawn and WELCOME to my craft blog.

I enjoy a wide variety of arts and crafts, from crochet to card-making, jewelry to cross-stitch and more.
Arts & crafts used to be a hobby to me. But now I have a passion to share what I make with the crafting world.

My love of crafts started when I was a child. I always loved to doodle, sketch, and draw. I took many art classes in high school.
As a teenager I began learning how to cross-stitch, work with plastic canvas, and started making beaded jewelry. I always loved rubber stamping, which turned into a love of making personal stationery and card-making.
I studied Graphic Design & Black and White Photography while attending vocational school, and continued my studies in Graphic Design at college.

I worked in retail for several years, as well as performing Customer Service duties. I’ve worked in Discount retail stores as a photo lab technician in the 1-hour photo lab, enhancing my love of Photography. I think my favorite job next to photo lab tech was when I worked in a small local craft store.
While working there I took tole painting classes, saw Bob Ross painting classes, and found 2 more crafts I thought i’d enjoy; paper quilling (paper filigree) & pysanky/pysanky. I have done some quilling and I do enjoy it. I also have some pysanka supplies, but have yet to try it. I believe I would also enjoy quilting, and cake decorating.

I relish crafting so much that I’ve thought about turning it into a small business. Time will tell.
I’m thankful for my God-given gifts & talents. I certainly couldn’t do the things that I do without Him.
Please don’t think that I’m bragging. I’m not perfect by any means. I am usually pleasantly surprised with how my projects turn out.

I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.” John 15:5 (NKJV)

A daily crafter is a happy crafter!


Round Ripple Cat Blanket

About a year ago, before my bout with tennis elbow, I had been searching for ideas for crochet blankets. I wanted to make blankets for our fur babies.
In my search I found several blanket patterns, but most didn’t fit the idea in my mind.

I found a craft blog with a round blanket.
I tried it, but it wouldn’t stay flat; it curled up on one side.
I frogged it and tried again.
Same result.
I tried two more times…
Again, same result each time.

Ok time to find some help.
So I asked a crochet group I’m a member of on FB for help.
A few said I might have been crocheting tightly. Others suggested the pattern might have been written with the increases in the wrong places.
Either way I’m not sure. So I gave up on that pattern after trying one more time crocheting a bit more loosely and getting the same result.

I continued searching and found a site with a round ripple pattern.
Round ripples are really pretty, but they looked difficult to me.
I had never crocheted a ripple before, let alone a round ripple.
I accepted the challenge to try it.

Guess what?

I enjoyed working on this pattern. It was easy to follow and it turned out nice.
My favorite part? I think it could be an original idea.
(Probably not).
I have never seen a ripple, especially a round ripple, with only variegated yarn, but that’s what I did.

The pattern is by SmoothFox and can be found on her website here.
You can also find SmoothFox on the Ravelry website.

Here is the Blanket I made.
Sorry there is nothing else in the photo to compare it to.
It’s 12 rounds and measures 17 1/2″ across, so it’s fairly small.
But hey, it’s a nice size for our Tuxedo Tabby, Bear.

Photo taken with my LG G Stylo; edited with “Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8”
(Paint Shop Pro is now ownded by Corel)

The yarn is by Red Heart “Williamsburg”
worsted weight 10 ply (9 wpi).
I used less than one skein/ball. And I used an I/9-5.5mm hook.

I started this blanket June 2015, worked on it for about a week before getting side-tracked by 2 other projects (including Terbert). And then tennis elbow set in.
I was originally wanting to make the blanket about 24″, but when I picked it up to continue working on it today, I decided it was fine like it was and finished it off.
It was then presented to Bear with a little catnip treat.

I haven’t picked up a crochet hook since March, but I’m getting back into things again.
Crocheting is definitely not a summer craft for me–my internal temperature always runs on the hot side and I very much dislike temperatures above 75°F (23.8°C). I am happy we have air conditioning, especially with the crazy heat we’ve been having here in NJ.
Today was 99°F (37°C) with the heat index reaching 107° (41°C).
I’m glad that Autumn is around the corner. I’d like to get started early(ier) on Christmas goodies this year. (I think I found some patterns for softies that my kids will enjoy. YIPPEE!)

Happy Crafting!

[Amigurumi] A Family of Terberts

Several weeks ago I finished my first ever amigurumi plushie: TERBERT*.

I crocheted two more Terberts for my kids. I would have posted sooner, but for the past 3 weeks I have been dealing with “Tennis Elbow” in my dominant arm.

My daughter wanted hers lavender with a mint green eye & aqua snaggle-tooth. My son wanted his red with a blue eye and 2 snaggle-teeth. He also wanted me to make an add-on… a chicken drumstick!!

As promised I am posting more photos. So, without further ado, meet the Terbert Family!

Terberts #3 and #2

The Terbert Family

*Note: Terbert pattern is by Delight Iverson of Denver Whimsy Crochet

[Amigurumi] Terbert

Last week I made my first ever amigurumi creature. It was pretty easy and fun to make. His name is Terbert.

I know what you’re thinking, “Terbert?! What in the world is a Terbert?”

Well… he’s a cute little monster with 2 arms, 2 legs, ears, a tail and one large eye. Terbert was created by Delight Iverson aka Denver Whimsy. She hosted a 5-day CAL (Crochet-A-Long) with her pattern.

I decided to try and make one. Although I enjoy making hats, scarves and other things, I have been wanting to try an amigurumi project. And… I think I’m hooked.

For me, Terbert was an experiment. I wanted to be sure I could make it without too much fuss and with as few mistakes as possible. (I am a perfectionist after all). So, I was thinking if I could successfully complete it, I would make one for both of my blessings, if they wanted one.


I went with hunter orange as the main color, and camo green for the eye. (Hey, what can I say? My husband is a hunter/fisherman, so I had those colors handy).

My kids, especially my daughter, were anxiously awaiting the results with each step.

Two legs? Done! Two arms? Yup! Two ears? Can you hear me now?!

My daughter would squeal with aww’s and “cute!” and run to get her brother with each new part completed.

Tail? check! Eye? I see it! And the body. Done! Time to stuff and sew.


The pattern doesn’t include the snaggle tooth; that was my addition. Some of the other CAL participants added other things like a hair bow or a tongue sticking out.

My daughter kept saying, “He’s so adorable!” She has snuggled with him every night since I made him.

Both kids have said that they want one and have chosen their colors and ‘add-ons’. In fact, I finished my daughter’s last night–she renamed hers: Sarah. I’ll be starting on my son’s today.
(I’ll post more photos later).

[Product Review] Darice Sock Friends

I have two friends I’d like to introduce you to today. Say Hello to Shark & Flower (No, you don’t really have to say hello).

Darice Sock Friends

Shark and Flower were sent to us from my mom as craft projects for my two blessings. I am grateful for my parents help and gifts, especially for the kids, but I have to be honest. I’m a little disappointed with the product.

Each kit included:

1 sock (puppet body) Foam or material shapes (some adhesive some not depending on the kit) Google eyes Pom Poms Adhesive tabs Instructions

As cute as Shark and Flower are, there are a few flaws. First, the instructions said, and I quote: “Using photo as a guide, assemble project using the self-adhesive tabs included.” Shark instructions also said, “Peel and stick remaining shapes to character.” My kids are 7 and almost 10. Using a photo as a guide isn’t very helpful to the younger one. (Oh yeah, the package said for ages 6+).

Second, those adhesive tabs & parts that came with them… Flower did not come with adhesive parts except for the adhesive tabs. (that was fine) The adhesive tabs were a pain to try and use. They stuck to ME instead of what they were supposed to stick to. (not fine) Shark came with adhesive parts, which worked fine, but again the adhesive tabs were a nuisance.

My daughter has wanted me to help make her puppet since we got them. After seeing how the tabs worked, or didn’t, I opted for the hot glue gun. Not having written directions threw me for a loop at first glance, because I am a detail person, and a perfectionist to boot. But they turned out alright, I think.

Shark & Flower — Sock Puppets by Darice

They are cute, but with the flaws I would rate Darice Sock Friends with:

I wonder if Flower was one of Darice’s first created Sock Friends as Shark had better adhesive that was already attached to some of the character pieces.
They are a cute craft for kids. I don’t know if they’re worth the price, as they were a gift and the price is unknown. If you do decide to get one (or two) that use adhesive tabs… GOOD LUCK! You could always opt for craft glue or a hot glue gun.